Original ATV Boots Vs Generic

Generic parts are very common in the automotive industry and very popular among car enthusiasts. The choice between generic ATV boots and original manufacture parts depends completely on the person purchasing it. Each approach has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Here we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both with the intention of helping ATV users make the right decision for their ATV.

Quality of ATV Boots – Visibly Noticeable
The standard of quality between both original and generic will be quite visible upon inspection. Original ATV boots will reflect the quality that the manufacture stands for. The generic ones although reliable will not live up to the standard of quality exhibited by ATV boots that come directly from the original manufacturer. If you are prefer quality and not afraid to pay for it, choose original manufacture ATV boots.

The Cost Factor – Most Important
Cost is a very important factor to consider when making any kind of purchase. Generic parts have a clear and distinct advantage over original boots when it comes to cost because they are available in abundance and at almost half the price of the original. This is the sole reason for their immense popularity. Users are more inclined to opt for generic parts as ATVs get older and/or start to accumulate a lot of mileage. Many regard investing in expensive parts counterproductive at this point.

Warranty Issues – Risky Business
Warranty on automotive parts is always a big concern among ATV enthusiasts. Original manufactures typically provide solid warranty packages with their products ranging from a few years to lifetime. If that product malfunctions or turns out to be defective, the manufacture will immediately replace it with a new one at no expense to the owner. Generic parts come with a warranty as well. However their warranty is only valid for a handful of months.

This makes it sort of a gamble and again it comes down to the intended use of the ATV. For relatively newer models or those with low mileage, its best to go for the original parts that come with a lifetime warranty. Otherwise generic boots should be fine.

Can’t Decide? Ask Your ATV
Before deciding on which type of ATV boot to purchase, one should go over a few details of their ATV. How many miles does it have on it? How much is it used and how aggressively? What year is it? These are all important questions that will help answer many user queries.

The CV boots are an integral component of any ATV and given the vigorous use they are put through, a general rule of thumb is to purchase original top quality ATV boots that come with the standard warranty. But if you are a passive user or if the ATV doesn’t have much of a shelf life left, generic would be the best and obvious choice for you.

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